Memoir No. 001

📍Location: Minakami, Japan 🗓Date: 10.03.2021 📷HUJI Camera from iPhone 11 Pro First Sunday of October. Fall Season. It was a fine day, my first time trying out an application called HUJI Camera on iPhone 11 Pro. I really wanted to have my own film camera so I tried my skills out using this one. ItContinue reading “Memoir No. 001”

Memoir No. 002

📍 Yoshida Elementary School, Nanjai 📅 10.08.2021 📷HUJI cam I always love my view at work. But this day is different because of the gloomy but enchanting weather. The ambiance feels surreal, like I’m into another dimension of the universe. This photo makes me think of what could happen if I’m not here now.